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Keeping Your Pooch Protected During Strolls: Tips for Pet Parents

Make the most of Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30 with your four-legged friend – just make sure to be aware of potential issues that could ruin an otherwise perfect day. Keep watch for these hazards when walking your pet and enjoy a safe, stress-free outing!

#1: Other dogs

To prevent any potential issues while out and about, it’s important to be wary of other pups. If your pup is reactive or has a knack for slipping their collar, this can spell disaster if another dog comes close by. Even the friendliest off-leash dogs can pose threats since they may see them as an intruder when running up to greet you both. Therefore, keep watchful eyes on nearby pooches and observe your pet’s body language closely so they remain tranquil in these situations. When possible, try avoiding parks during peak times when packs of dogs are likely present – that way everybody stays safe!

#2: Traffic

When heading to the park, make sure you always keep a close eye on traffic, including automobiles, bikes, and pedestrians. Additionally, try your best to have your pet stay near to avoid any hazardous mishaps. A roaming dog with an unlocked retractable or long leash could cause accidents like clotheslining bicyclists or wrapping around unsuspecting people; not only that but such leashes might even break if they suddenly decide to go chasing after something interesting!


#3: Parasites

Your pet remains vulnerable to a variety of parasites in park habitats, especially fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. To avoid any such risks for your furry friend, it’s important that you administer preventives on an ongoing basis and conduct thorough inspections from nose-to-tail when returning home. Prevention is always the best approach!


#4: Wildlife

As your furry pal explores the park, they may stumble upon wildlife homes, nests, or resting areas. Normally wild animals will retreat when people and pets approach them but in some scenarios, they can become aggressive if provoked while trying to protect their young ones, food source, or residence. On top of that, many wild creatures are carriers of various diseases and parasites so it is best to avoid disturbing them.


If your furry friend loves to explore the outdoors, then safeguard them from parasites and diseases with regular preventive care. Give us a call today to book an appointment for their well-being!